Helping remove the frustrations that exist between Dogs and their owners through

About Me - Dog Trainer

Brooke Chambers

About Me - Dog Trainer

Hello! I’m Brooke Chambers, owner and founder of K9 Life Lessons, and experienced dog trainer. I’ve had a love for animals ever since I was a child. When I turned 21, I bought my first dog and that’s where my interest in training began! After working with bird dogs on a plantation, I discovered I really wanted to take a more active and professional role. In 2019, I became certified as a dog trainer through Top Tier K9, which provided me with a wealth of knowledge. Now, I am dedicated to removing the frustrations that can exist between dogs and their owners. Through my program at K9 Life Lessons, you can have the dog of your dreams! 

Our Board & Train Programs

We Offer On-Leash & Off-Leash Basic Training

On & Off Leash Basic Obedience

Our On & Off Leash Basic Obedience Program is a four week program and the premier service we offer at K9 Life Lessons

On Leash Basic Obedience​

Our On Leash Basic Obedience Program is a three-week on-leash board and train


Off Leash Basic Obedience​

Our Off Leash Basic Obedience Program is for dogs who have already completed our on-leash basic obedience training

Daniel Logan
Daniel LoganFacebook Review
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Brooke is smart in her craft! An expert! I came to see my puppy after dropping her off a week ago. I was impressed. I had the pleasure to do a joint training session and all went well. Daisy is doing great. Keep up the great work Brooke!
Malinda Hall
Malinda HallFacebook Review
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Brooke is an excellent trainer. My dog, Ocho, learned so much. Brooke is amazing. I will be a repeat customer.
Tyrona N Linda Hopper
Tyrona N Linda HopperFacebook Review
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Wonderful trainer! Spends a lot of time training dogs and owners. It takes both for obedience to work.
Dusty and Tiffany Mauldin
Dusty and Tiffany MauldinFacebook Review
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carrying our English cocker to Brooke was the best thing that we could of done. she has completely turned her around now we have a dog we can be proud of and take anywhere

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